Die Blauen Pilze

Hop aboard Die Blauen Pilze for a journey into the clouds, strumming with melancholy and powerful visions.

Enjoy the view – as the sun meets the horizon an urban groove lazily rises from the city seducing us to return.

Pop and rock tunes finely woven with modern club mix and delicate strands of modern jazz. Songs that will get into your head.

Benedikt Joch
guitar, composition

Benedikt Joch

Daniel Cordes

Daniel Cordes

Andi Bühler

Andi Bühler


June 01, 2020

- Schlot - Berlin

Past Gigs

September 20, 2019

- Peppi Guggenheim - Berlin

June 11, 2019

- Cafe Tasso - Berlin

May 06, 2019

- Schlot - Berlin

October 25, 2018

- - Cafe Tasso

September 25, 2018

- Cafe Tasso - Berlin

June 08, 2018

- Peppi Guggenheim - Berlin

May 25, 2018

- Kulturschöpfer - Berlin

June 20, 2017

- Café Tasso - Berlin

February 08, 2017

- Bei Ernst - Berlin

February 05, 2017

- Insel der Jugend-Wintertage - Berlin

January 03, 2017

- Café Tasso - Berlin

December 03, 2016

- Peppi Guggenheim - Berlin

November 11, 2016

- Artenschutztheater - Berlin

September 28, 2016

- Bei Ernst - Berlin

September 09, 2016

- B-flat - Berlin



Die Blauen Pilze - Trailer 2016
Das heb ich auf




Radio-Feature Jazz-Zeit:

Considering that this is a debut album, the music on this CD reveals a remarkably individual signature . . . . It uniquely blends jazz with rock. However, it is – thank goodness! NOT jazz rock and it encourages the listener to look beyond the limits of pop. – Holger Baum-Schilling


Listening to the debut album of the Berlin-based trio Die Blauen Pilze, you discover addictive potential. The melodies are breathing ease and the sounds appear to float. – Thomas Volkmann


Benedikt Joch (guitar), who has written all the tunes, Daniel Cordes (bass) and Andi Bühler (drums) prefer grooves as light as a feather, which, then, can evolve into something that may be rock or a killer track for the dance floor, or, for that matter, reminiscent of cool jazz. Joch has quite a knack for crafting sprightly melodies and his play evokes influences ranging from surf to ambient. All the while Cordes and Bühler are solidly bolting these filigree songs. No matter, whether a repetitive kraut motorik base is required, as in Cyborg Sex, or breezy pop beats (Maientage), they can do it all. – Rolf Thomas


Benedikt Joch

Marienburgerstr. 24
10405 Berlin
Tel: 030/628 0533
Mobile: 0151 681 12034